Best Motorsports for Beginners – It’s Not Just F1!

As a nation of car lovers, it’s no surprise that motorsports are popular in Britain today. Spectating is great, but why not get involved as a driver too? Four of the best motorsports for beginners are described below.Most require a full UK driving licence, and there may be additional requirements. For more information on these and other motorsports, visit


The vast majority of professional racing drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, started out karting. Drivers compete in a scaled-down racing car around a small circuit, and can start training from the age of six.


In autocross, rivers compete against the clock along a temporary 800-1200 metre course in a field, and the driver with the fastest lap time wins. Normal road cars can be used. Although training generally starts at age 16, some clubs offer junior autocross for those aged 14 and older. In junior autocross, all cars must be fitted with a rollcage and harness.


Trials drivers compete to see who can drive the furthest along a hillside course, rather than the fastest. Car Trials are for normal two-wheel drive cars, Classic Trials are for vintage cars, and Sporting Trials require a special vehicle. Some Classic Trials races include some road driving, so are ideal for those with a swish vintage car to show off.

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  • September 19, 2015