Best racing competition to see live

Car racing events are unpredictable. Inclement weather makes things all the more exciting. In these events, you see top car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Ferrari, Lotus, Renault, etc. hire the most skillful racing drivers to go round a track as fast as they can. It really pays to be there to witness how drivers speed at 180mph even when the visibility is zero. Here are some of the best racing events you should see live. 

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza

You really don’t want to miss this racing event. There are two straights where the speeds can hit the stratosphere: the start straight is 1194.40 meters long and the other one that begins at the end of the Ascari Curve is 958.80 meters long. The best thing is that if Ferrari wins, you get to witness a party that is sure to make Carnival in Rio little more than an Amish prayer meeting.

The Grand Prix of Belgium at Spa

What’s so special about this racing event? It’s basically about one corner, that is, Eau Rouge. The cars move at terrifying speeds with less runoff – it means the margin for error is miniscule and if something goes wrong, you will witness hell on the circuit.

The 24 Hours Nurburgring

Yes, there are better racing events, but what makes you want to witness this event live is the fact that irrespective of the weather conditions, real cars compete with each other for a whole day. There must be a reason why Jackie Stewart called it the “Ring of Green Hell”.

The Daytona 500

Watching NASCAR on TV has become somewhat pedestrian, but you really have to be there to witness how it feels when 43 top drivers sit in 3,500-pound stock cars and turn them loose at speeds as high as 150mph, or even more. Really, it’s a sight you’ll remember for a long time.

Rally Finland

This racing event has been a part of the World Rally Championship since time immemorial and is definitely exciting enough to experience live. There’s all the normal rally stuff, including trees inches from the door handles, high velocities, rough pavements, loose gravel, driving rain, and much more. What’s more, the rally includes jumps that will make you witness cars flying half the length of a football field.

The Indy 500

With 400,000 people witnessing the thrill, there’s no prize for guessing how electric the atmosphere is when watching it all live. You will never forget the excitement of watching more than 33 cars running wild on one of the most storied tracks in the world of racing, at speeds exceeding 200mph. You have to be there to witness how a touch here and there turns things upside down for the NASCAR boys.