Differences between Sport Betting and Online Casino Slots

Staking is not staking. It sounds ambiguous, but let us explain; there are differences between sports betting and playing online slots games. You stand a chance of winning huge amounts of money in both, but there are differences in how you can win the money. Three examples of this are:

  • Predictability

    Sports’ betting has an element of predictability. There are many companies that do statistics and provide statistical probability of the outcome. That is how the sports betting companies set their odds. As such, you can predict the outcome of a sporting event based on past performance and other variables.Slot games are completely unpredictable. You are at the mercy of your gaming skills and sweet mother luck. That is the reason why some people will find slot games more engaging and enjoyable. There is no statistical way to determine whether you will win or not.

  • Fraud

    Sports’ betting, unfortunately, is vulnerable to match fixing. You can lose a bet because someone paid for a particular outcome. The difference with online slots is that your online casino, like for example Casinopalace, cannot influence an outcome during play; it’s designed to play within the limits of its programming.

  • Duration of Play

    With online slots, the length of the game entirely depends on the game you choose. Meaning if you have a short break at work, you can play short games and if you have a long afternoon you can play for longer.Sports’ betting is tied to the sport. If a game of football takes 90 minutes, you will have to wait for the full-time whistle to blow to know whether you’ve won or not.Both betting options are viable and fun. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you and enjoy your winnings.