How Racing Cars are Made

Racing cars are perhaps the most intricately designed and beautiful cars in the world. Because these cars need to be extremely well designed and made in order to win races, a lot of care and attention is taken from start to finish and the best designers and mechanics in the world are recruited by the leading racing teams such as NASCAR. Let’s take a closer look at how these racing cars are made.

The Materials

It may be surprising to learn that Formula 1 cars and other leading racing cars are essentially made from the same materials are regular cars such as metals like steel and aluminium. The main difference is that carbon fibre is also used in parts of the car such as the chassis, engine cover and wings. This helps to make racing cars extra light and aerodynamic so that they can reach the top speeds they need in order to win races. Carbon fibre is also extremely strong and durable while being flexible enough during the manufacturing stage so that it can be moulded into the precise shapes that are needed. The carbon fibre is first created into large sheets in a special factory and then cut to the sizes and shapes that are required before being baked in an oven until they are almost unbreakable.

Hand Craftsmanship

The other big secret to making a racing car is that most of the parts are made and assembled by hand. Of course, making the racing car by hand is a much slower and more labour intensive process, but this care and attention to detail helps to ensure that the finished car will be able to impress the crowds when it roars into life on the racing circuit.

Moving Racing Cars

When transporting a racing car, it is essential that the utmost care is taken. Racing cars tend to be very delicate, and the slightest imbalance could ruin the chances of the team and the driver winner the race. Because of this, most racing companies use a dedicated moving company that will ensure that the racing car is handled in the correct way and reaches its destination in the same flawless condition as it left the factory floor.