Is Poker a Sport?

Poker is a very popular game, loved by millions all over the world. It can of course be played just between friends for fun, but the biggest tournaments can attract millions of dollars in prize money. It’s fair to say then that poker is an ultra-competitive game, but can it actually be classified as a sport? Let’s weigh up the arguments for and against poker being called a sport.

The Arguments Against

There are some people out there that would say for a game to be classified as a sport, you need to break some sweat! Although poker can get very exciting, it’s fair to say that most poker players don’t break sweat during the course of the game. Also, even without this thought, it doesn’t fit the classic example of what a sport should be – there are no poker teams you can support, for example.

The Arguments For

Poker is becoming more and more popular and competitive. There are many professional poker leagues. The top poker players play it for their livelihoods. Just like a professional footballer, or tennis player. The top poker players can earn good money too. Millions can be won in the top competitions. Additionally, poker is a complex and intricate game just like the most exciting of sports. There are tactics you need to play in order to come out tops. There are also many different types of poker players, in terms of experience and play-style, just like you get in sports. For example, in poker you get players who have a tendency to play it safe, and other players who have a tendency to take risks. What type of poker player you are is something you can only decide as you become more experienced. There are definitely arguments to be made for poker being a sport, or not. What isn’t in doubt, however, is that poker is an incredibly exciting and fun game to play!