Starting your own Sports Blog

The 21st century has ushered in a new age of communication. Quite rightly, some people are utilising this power to get their individual voices heard: they are writing blogs. Sports are a popular topic, as they are already designed for audience participation, commentary, and enjoying with your fellow men or women. blogStarting a sports blog is a great way to talk to other fans, advertise your sporting business, or just make the most of your hobby. So, read our top tips on how to create a successful sports blog, and have fun doing it!

Stand out and take control

In order for your blog to flourish, it must be unique. This is especially important for your domain name. There are hundreds of free web hosts available online, but the catch is that their domain name is attached to yours, and customisation options are limited. If you shell out the money to self-host, you can buy an original ‘.com’, thereby marking yourself out as a more professional and serious blogger. ‘’ looks much neater than ‘’!

Write about what you love

Those who have a passion for their subject make the best bloggers. They have a wealth of knowledge non-experts do not possess, so choose your sporting topic/niche carefully to make sure you can maintain high-quality content.

Give and take

In the blogging world, there is an unwritten rule about plugging and being plugged. The best way to get yourself out there is to be mentioned on other sites and blogs. Get in touch with other bloggers and offer to drop them into a post in exchange for a mention on their site, or consider ‘guest’ or collaborative posts.

90% effort, 10% skill

Creating a blog is easy. Maintaining it, less so. Set up a regular posting schedule (e.g. fortnightly entries), keep on top of and encourage comments, and make your blog a living being. Communication is the name of the game, so make sure you play it!