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Whether you’re in the retail, construction or financial services industry, most small business owners need small business insurance. Having it can help protect the livelihood you’ve worked so hard to build. The right small business coverage can help cover expensive damage and lawsuits from:
  • Accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Professional errors
  • Workers’ comp claims

Find the Right Type of Insurance for Your Small Business

Small business insurance helps protect your company’s personal property and income. It also helps safeguard you against liability claims. Learn more about what small business insurance is.
This helps protect your business and its assets in the event of a lawsuit for things like negligence, bodily injury, property damage, libel and slander.
Most state laws require you to carry this insurance to help compensate employees for expenses associated with work-related injuries or illnesses like medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages.
Data breach insurance, also known as cyber insurance, helps cover liability expenses from technology-related risks such as a data breach or cyberattack. If you collect, store, send or receive customer information, it’s important to protect against cyber risks.
Commercial auto insurance helps cover the cost of an auto accident if you or your employee is at fault. If you or your employees drive a vehicle for business reasons, having the right commercial vehicle insurance is important.
Professional liability insurance helps protect you and your company if you’re found negligent in the professional services you provided to a client, even if you didn’t make a mistake.
Business property insurance helps protect your owned or rented building, tools and the equipment you use to operate.
Business Income Insurance, also known as business interruption coverage, helps replace your lost income if you can’t operate because of covered property damage. This includes damage from a fire, wind or theft.

Costs of Small Business Insurance

The cost of insurance varies for small businesses. Tha t’s because every small business is different and faces unique risks. How much does small business insurance cost? That depends on what you need. However, you can use the infographic below to see the average cost business owners paid for coverage with The Hartford:1
How Much Will Small Business Insurance Cost You?
You've worked hard building your business. Now, it needs the right business insurance. If you're wondering how much it will cost, that will depend on your:

small business insurance cost
average cost of small business insurance
Number of Employees
cost of business insurance
average cost of business insurance
Claims History

What's the Average Cost of Business Insurance?2
cost of insurance for small business
Business Owner's Policy (BOP)
$3,135 Average Annual Premium
$261 Average Monthly Premium
cost of liability insurance for small business
General Liability Insurance (GLI)
$1,057 Average Annual Premium
$88 Average Monthly Premium
average cost of insurance for small business
Workers' Compensation Insurance
$840 Average Annual Premium
$70 Average Monthly Premium

2 Premium amounts presented are based on monthly premium paid by The Hartford's Small Business customers between 1/1/21 and 12/31/21 for 12-month policies. Premium is derived from a number of factors specific to your business and may vary.

More Information About Small Business Insurance

Most states require some form of insurance for small business owners. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. When they do, having the right types of coverage can make all the difference. Learn more about insurance needed for small business.
There’s not a one-size-fits-all small business insurance policy that covers every claim. The best small business liability insurance policy for one company may not be good for your company. Many small business owners start with a BOP because it contains liability and property coverage. A BOP can help protect your business from:
  • Claims that it caused bodily injury or to someone else’s belongings
  • Damage to the owned or rented building and equipment used to operate
  • Losing income if you can’t operate because of covered property damage
Registering your business as a limited liability company (LLC) doesn’t protect your business from risks. We created our LLC insurance specifically for small business owners. The cost of LLC insurance can help keep you covered from devastating financial losses.
  1. Assess your business operations
  2. Consider your risks
  3. Get a custom quote from a trusted insurance company or agency
  4. Choose the best rate and coverage for your business’ needs
Three essential types of business insurance you may need when starting a small business are: 
  • General liability insurance
  • Business property insurance
  • Business income insurance
Our BOP bundles these three types of business insurance together to make it easier for you to protect your company.

Why Over 1 Million Small Businesses Trust The Hartford

Not all insurance companies offer the same level of service. You’ll find that we’re more than just an ordinary insurance company – we’re a partner. We help small businesses with information on business insurance myths, business tax deadlines, business insurance tips and more.
Our representatives consistently earn some of the industry’s highest ratings and reviews for customer claims. We’ve also been recognized as a World’s Most Ethical Company® 14 times by Ethisphere.**
To find out how we can help protect your business, get a small business quote today.


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We have over 200 years of experience helping more than 1 million small business owners.
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Last Updated: January 13, 2023
1 Premium amounts presented are based on monthly premium paid by The Hartford’s Small Business customers between 1/1/21 and 12/31/21 for 12-month policies. Premium is derived from a number of factors specific to your business and may vary.
*** Based on a 2021 study by Keynova (formerly Dynatrace).
Additional disclosures below.

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